Friday, May 06, 2005

write, she sd

Hey all, I just got the ok from my new business manager (hey you knew it had to happen some time) and besides serious inquiries for readings, manuscript consultations & editing, performances w/ music from Cervantes, lectures, school visits, appearances, book signings & Poetry In Paradise (anyone for a poetic retreat on Isla Mujeres?) mr b-manager has agreed to field all personal mail, cards, condolences, poems, pics, checks & journal exchanges. You can reach me so I can put you on my love list—awareness of one's own mortality and flicker makes one want to hug a friend & blood-one. que no? So, until I get the new blog set-up to answer all your many unanswered questions, emails & phone calls regarding commentary on the individual poems so we can get those reports & term papers flowing you can try dropping a line, snail mail, to my GigMaster7 at

Lorna Dee Cervantes
c/o Anthony Vasquez
950 Miami Way
Boulder, CO 80305

(don't anyone show up expecting a taco) (tampering with us mail is a federal offense) (This Site Protected by PETA: Poets for the Ethical Treatment of Artists - Our motto is WE BUY. WE PURSUE. Researchers Unite! You have only your truth to spill.) (Have a Heart.) (He sues.)

as Billie streams on cue: "Buddy, you'd never know it/ but I'm kind of a poet/ And I gotta lotta things to say..."


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