Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Fractured Franklin Planner For Today

May - Monthly Focus: Change—"What can you change to lead your life forward?"

Daily quote: "An ounce of peace is worth more than a pound of victory." ~St. Robert Bellarmine
"The cent of peace is worth more than the pound of dynasty." ~Lorna Dee Cervantes
-dedicated to poet, Paul Muldoon because I won't be able to attend his reading tonight at a local Jewish cultural center, and I would have liked that, alot
Today set "Canto 38" to alternate music (around 10am)
poems to do
Don't let your deadlines
turn into frownlines.
(blog sidebar category)

oops: revision: blog: sidebar: category

"Don't let your lifelines
turn into deadlines."
~LDC meant to say
(Rosie O'Donnell funny)
Today I revised (finally!!) and released permission to the following poems for an anthology on 'Fear of Brown' in the following order:
"Poem for My Ancestors Adobed In the Walls of the Santa Barbara Mission"
(I like that better than "submit")
(around 6am) (stayed up all night working) talked to my publisher - around 11:30 am - sent him poems to send & include in galleys
Today: wrote half a letter of recommendation for Tressa Yellig (good young poet—poetentially explosive) (the following was a paid-for metaphor) (that one, too; preceding)
(around 2pm)
Today: people die in Iraq while the death counter, our cost of the war, blurs off the page in its utter con.motion com.motion
Today: I spend too many hours of the day searching for a virtual kitchen on the glossy page...
Today I don't cry yet
"The cent of peace is worth more
than the pound of dynasty." ~LDC
(I like that, alot)


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