Saturday, May 21, 2005

A Handful of Rose's - "at least not the ones u expected"

"first started
being in
my body

Originally uploaded by Rosie O'Donnell.

  • from "still gone u"

  • Posted 5/17 by ro @ 5:35 pm in home

    at least not the ones
    u expected

    it's three years since u left

    the fingers of a hand
    aunt minnies ring
    5 green opals
    me in the middle

    who asked u
    u ruin everything
    y dont u write a novel

    the pinky
    the tiniest little limb
    easiest to break
    in 2

    i missed jackies kids b day
    in the swirl
    of my film
    me me me

    i would tell u today
    that they both called
    birthdays again missed
    god children

    last night jim lipton took me back
    to the beginning
    and u were there
    the night brandon tarnikoff
    saw me at igbys
    the 3 am call
    I GOT SNL!!!!
    2 u

    kaite wrote a poem
    about getting lost
    in key west
    and then
    being found

    it's three years since u left

    my middle finger is dead
    it cannot feel
    a few years back
    we tied the tendon
    of finger #4
    the ring - u
    to the stuck one
    now they both don’t work
    in one last desperate attempt
    to right it

    and joni mitchell sings
    “if you’re happier without me
    i’ll try not to care
    but if u still dream about me
    please listen to my prayer”

    how many flares do u send up
    before u realize
    no one is searching
    4 u

    at least not the ones
    were sure of

    still gone

    c 2005 by Rosie O'Donnell
    (ed. LDC)

    Poets! Rise with Rosie! You have nothing to lose but The Constitution.
  • Rise at r blog

    Blogger Senseless said...

    The Pen and Sword.

    Just stopping by, your thoughts are complex.

    I like that.

    22/5/05 13:10  
    Blogger RO said...

    i demand
    u take what u want
    and post it
    where ever
    it will shed most

    peace full one

    22/5/05 17:42  

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