Monday, March 12, 2007

"Unconscious Mutterings #213 On 3/12/07"

  1. Nude :: to the very forehead of desire, shy

  2. Support :: of a flailing heart, the wan

  3. Rachel:: in the sun-split screen, the long

  4. Crane :: in the fine wine mug shot, a single

  5. Candy bar :: marking the way, a wayward

  6. Material :: wrapper, the fine print of the the thumb. Play me your

  7. Mind games :: Snap the bubble of my limits, the possible

  8. Eviction :: from the farce. Cellophane to ice crisp creek. Come and

  9. Produce :: the bounty of the bed, the sudden

  10. Joke :: This next stance is you.

* Be the mana in your own field, the Maná on the radio of your own mind - Cruise it at La Luna Nina.


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