Thursday, March 01, 2007

Listen to Lorna Dee Reading About Love On the Radio - Project TUPA & Free Radio With Stephen Dunifer

The KGNU radio show with Stevyn Ironfeather was downright fun. I really enjoyed meeting Stevyn and his wife at the station. It felt good to be around radio folk again. And, big coup, Stephen Dunifer of the Free Radio movement called in from Berkeley. You can listen in for a few weeks while this is archived as the Afternoon Sound Alternative, February 26, 1-4pm. You can download the whole show, I start around 1:45. Listen in and hear my prose piece on love and locura. I was channeling my inner Andre Codrescu. Then, listen to us talk about Project TUPA: Transmitters Uniting the Peoples of the Americas which desperately needs your donations now to fund this next round of workshops training teachers to build their own radio stations. Donate now and get free cds and books from me, Lorna Dee.

Listen in here

download the mp3


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