Tuesday, March 06, 2007

AWP Redux Re: Ad Nauseum

Returned from the AWP after airline hell. My flight was cancelled due to snow in Denver, then that one cancelled as it went through Chicago which cancelled a bunch of flights. So I had to try and fly back earlier stand-by, but no go as the airport was filled with people trying to get to Colorado to go skiing, besides AWP folk. I went up and down gate to gate schlepping all the heavy books I bought (like Silliman's latest tome) only to have to bed down at the local Econolodge and listen to planes all night. So, my ulcer started acting up and I ran out of po chai pills. At least this time I waited until the end of the conference before I started vomiting. I got in late last night, throwing up the whole way. I couldn't keep anything down for a couple of days, not food or water, and I had to cancel classes again today. Not good. But hard to leave the house when you're vomiting. Beside, just being physically wiped out. It was hard to stand. But po chai pills working their magic. And yerba mate tea. I'll be fine in no time.

More about the AWP soon. It's always good to see old friends and the strangers who are friends I haven't met yet. But I want to post my panel talk first. Meanwhile, good AWP links on Eduardo's blog. Anyone else?


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