Tuesday, September 12, 2006

"Shelling the Pecans" On MiPo Radio

Thanks to Didi Menendez for including my new poem, "Shelling the Pecans" in this week's broadcast of MiPo Radio Goodnight Countdown, and thanks to Julie Carter for reading my poem. (I'm having technical difficulties) The poem was included in my first and only blog entry for the Poetry Foundation which has now restored the site on it's index. (YEA! More on that soon) The interesting thing is, this poem has become a performance piece in that the poem is read rhythmically over the new Maná song, "Bendita Tu Luz" so that it weaves in and out of the lyrics of the song. I'm trying to record it. Meanwhile, click on the MiPo link to hear my poem read by Julie Carter. I like it alot. Muchas gracias muchacha de gracia, Didi. You can also click on the link at MiPo to read the text posted on CafeCafe. And sure, Didi, you can have anything I post at CafeCafe. Thanks for asking. Glad you liked the poem. I hope to include it in this new book of new and collected love poems, Una poca de gracia/ Bit of Grace.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

un poco de gracia

12/9/06 11:05  
Blogger Lorna Dee Cervantes said...

Thanks, but I was thinking of the lyrics of La Bamba:
para bailar La Bamba
se nesesita una poca de gracia

same for love
seems to me

13/9/06 07:38  
Blogger didi said...

Un poco de gracia y otro piquito y ariba ariba --


15/9/06 17:32  

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