Thursday, November 17, 2005

What the Cat Dragged In: Our Fishing Guide to the Stars - When Everything Is Retro, Write!

This is just an test from my favorite astrologer, Kramer Wetzel at Click on first link for this week's quicktime video -- I don't know that it will work which is why it's a test. I love this guy; quite literally (it's in the stars: "Lovebirds!" and "You just love each other") and literarily. One could do worse than a Shakespeare spoutin', migas eatin', Silko swillin', shirt shuckin', opera lovin', fish buggin', chola huggin', hair mattin', Kinky votin', coffee connoisseurrin' bubba Texas dude like Kramer the professional astrologer. He's my closest friend I hardly know in that he advises my muse. [My Credo #4: Never underestimate the power of positive thinking. My Credo # 1: Never underestimate the power of the elements. My Credo # 2: Never underestimate the power of a word. Case ya get to thinking it's a matter of belief]

Here's this week's astroscope for all my Leonine friends, and note, you can subscribe to fresh weekly fresh-caught astrofish like this for less than a latte at phooey Starbucks. And more writin' bang for the buck. So, here, I'll loan you mine this week and suggest an astrocast for you for the new writing year.

"Leo: Next week just can't get here soon enough, huh? There's an air of expectancy, and I can't make next week -- and Sagittarius -- get here any faster. Would that I could, I would, just to be of service to the Leo contingent, the most important sign there is. Since I can't move time and space any faster, I can make a tiny suggestion, should your imminent and wonderful Leo self like to think about it, consider that one particular planet, okay, two planets because one planet won't stop a Leo, is getting in your way.

If it were just Saturn or just Mars, then this wouldn't be a focal point for trouble. But it's both planets and they're just not treating your regal self the way you like to be treated. Now, as I was twisting and advancing the planets on their proscribed courses, I noted that focus becomes a central theme -- in Leo -- the best fixed fire sign -- next week. There's a not-so-subtle line up that gives great clarity to the Leo encampment. That's good. It's next week. That's bad. In the meantime? I don't have a lot of suggestion other than rash action is certainly not called for."

Ok, here's how this works for me. Saturn is stalled in Leo, and has been retrograde in same before starting (SLOWLY) forward again -- for me, not a bad thing, since Día de la Independéncia good career stuff coming as Saturn is in my 10th house, the career & work & kudos, and it's a good thing in my chart. This is like 1976 all over for me, which is a good thing: July 4, 1976 the year I founded my press & mag, MANGO Publications & MANGO, a year I spent in Nuyorican Nirvana hanging at Miguel Algarin's house and at the foot of Montoya in Sacra, sitting on CCLM panels and sipping extra extra dry martinis with Stanley Kunitz (humming Billie on the subway: "Even Kunitz has had me to tea!/ And now I'm broken-hearted/ Can't get started with you") -- all good. So, what this week tells me is lay low by the fire (it's dang cold here now! I gave away all my money this month to Wilma so now we can't afford to fix the heater, going on a week now. T is going to find me writing gloves to type in my office/ studio, the coldest room in the house. I'm reading Ernesto Priego's blog of the cold in a coat and thinking of children in Mexico, thinking: "I can deal.") And write. I'll work on the novel. Not start anything new, like wars. Stay inside. Wait for next week, and the changing of the stars. Thanks, Kramer.


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