Tuesday, November 15, 2005

"Education is like a religion to the working class." Say It, Sister Schultz

Lorna Dice ditto. It's like another essay I keep coming back to that never gets written -- as she says. And now it is: an essay I could have written, "Talking Trash, Talking Class: What's a Working Class Poetic, and Where Would I Find One?" by Kathy Lou Schultz. Thank you, Kathy Lou from Lorna Dee -- I couldn't have said it without you.

[hey, there's a poetry position at sfs. . . *home*]

This is where a silly man and a dorky dee converge. Radical women poets bent on liberation, queer poets, and all forms of bent from all ways one can hold a boot to your neck (& many in San Francisco) were the first to stamp out the nazi hardon of the Perfect Poem and the Ideal Image -- and look the Medusa of Language in the lip -- and live, for a time, to write about it.

Thanks to Wood's Lot, that "Fitful Tracing of A Portal" where I keep all my birds for the gathering that is there.


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