Thursday, November 10, 2005

DANG, You Go, Grrrl! Barbara Jane Reyes, Poeta en San Francisco en Nueva York For Award & Good Poem by Fatima Lim-Wilson

Barbara Jane Reyes at the Academy Awards - jajajajajaja!! Is it just me or does anyone else find this absolutely hilarious? I can't tell you how much I laughed. I *know* these people. Plug in enchiladas and how colorful the clothes I'm wearing are and I'm there. This is just SO *so* so, ya know? So, so & so's so *so-so* -- so?! So *SO* & it's so so it's so. Órale, Oaktown! Up Town, Grrrl, Over & Out.

How I SO wanted to be there. I knew it'd be BAD! But that bad ole hurricane, all that "WILLLLMMMAAAH!" karma got to my pocketbook & pantry -- I've been giving all I got to Isla Relief in one way or another, and we had to cancel NY. It was going to be my little present to myself, me & hubby on a last minute vacation package fly-by for Barbara Jane, & co., art shows, see friends, museums, Rosie's Fiddler - y not? But, NOoooo... I HATE HURRICANES!

And, check out the poem she posts for all those who thought Tagalog poetry was just some Spanish words they didn't know. It's a beautiful poem by a poet I've just discovered. Thanks, Barbara, The Little Poeta That Could . . . en Nueva York también. YEEEOW!


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