Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Truth Belongs to Those Who Can Tell It (Govt. Belongs to Those Who Lie, Evidently) White Phosphorus Used Against Civillians In Falluja!

Caution: real pics of real people, video clip included -- follow links to today's breaking news on too few pages. Does anyone remember a 17 year old writer from Falluja last year? He was writing on a laptop with a dying battery from rooftop to burning rooftop. He and others TOLD of brilliant white flashes and horrible burns to people trapped in the city many were bent on "bombing back to the stone age" which is the cradle of civilization to some. Oh, the libraries! The artifacts! The scrolls and parchment! The broken tablets! So many uncounted unaccounted for bodies. The wee little skeleton fingers! And this is not torture? "Lest we forget." Somebody, please, hand me the Book of Jefferson and point me to a line I can stand in. One body. One vote. One blessed impeachment of representational democracy -- your chemical weapons at work. God bless chemistry and the American (sic) Right of Way. Awe-Men.


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