Sunday, November 20, 2005

Eskeletonada - A Book Redux

Yesterday I got an idea for a new book, working title, ESKELETONADA. Last night & early this morning I wrote 6 of the poems. Today, another 20 -- well, 19, should be twenty by the time I crash today, which should be soon. (I'm gettin' too old for this!) That would make the first two sections of the book with one more to go, a shorter one. I was so hoping to finish it over the weekend. I like the idea of writing this book in a weekend. On the other hand, I didn't take my kid to the opening night of Harry Potter. Me bad mommy. But ok, I plead an easy poverty. We didn't make someone richer today. I got 44 pages into a new book with 25 brand new poems to send out. And, salmon slabs for dinner, apple blueberry crumb cake for dessert. I'll stop now, read one of the last chapters of Harry Potter to my little guy (Harry loves Ginny) then type up what I have. I'm the Fastest Two-Finger typist In the West. Ha! Chow, over.


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