Saturday, September 03, 2005

Take Direct Action: Open Your Home!

Great idea here, to open your home to flood victims. Perhaps, there's a site to let people know where everybody is so that locals could donate to victims housed locally.
  • Open Your Home

  • And, check out Emily Lloyd for info on helping a young CW student, Erin B., who was to begin her MFA program at the Univeristy of NO. Send her some poetry books & texts. Hmm, maybe she'd consider transferring to CU Boulder? I have a basement apt. I could be motivated to fix up.

    Check out the Open Letter from LA Poet Laureate on E. Ethelbert Miller's E-Notes and read his other posts on the disaster.

    Thank you to all Po-Bloggers doing what they do best: making connections and giving heart.
    See my previous posts for more relief info.:
  • Hurricane Relief - Blog for Relief Day (Week!)

  • Bardo Katrina

  • Locate more poets affected by Katrina here.
    Donate Now to America's Second Harvest, The Nation's Food Bank Network for direct hunger relief.


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