Sunday, August 07, 2005

"Magic Is Noticing Subtleties"

The rest, for some, is all too real.

Go to Starhawk to read more. The line goes on. Link supplied soon. Starhawk is always good for more "good poetry." But this, to me, is the "poem". The Poem is here:

Magic is noticing subtleties.

I think it was in Fait Acompli on the Sala link to other blogs. I think. Perhaps a Dialogic.
Meanwhile, the goddess of magic/G=d of Typing writes it thus

Magic is noting subtleties.

Magic! So, now, I guess it's mine. . .

(almost done & ready to mail galley #3 back to my publisher—dare I call it final?)
*now playing to the Muse: Mark Cohn - "True Companion" (MC, my birthday ticket) ******


Blogger mark young said...

Read the title & thought it said "magic is noticing subtitles". In some ways, much the same thing, though there is probably a subtle difference which somebody will no doubt point out via a subtitle. I'm rambling......

11/8/05 02:49  

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