Wednesday, August 03, 2005

"Union After Time" (abecedarian hay(na)ku)

Union After Time

brave captions
descendents eventually fade,

happenings intervene,
jaspered kinetic links

no openings,
puncture questions, resound.

trails uvular
valor, women's X,

Zanadu, avenues,
barren crowds descending,

foreign guesswork—
heavenward, intent, just

love's morass—
nightward oppulence pressing

recordings, spinning
traveling under vacant

x-ray's zenith:
able, bartered, captive.

(after Scott Glassman)


Blogger Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor said...


3/8/05 08:19  
Blogger EILEEN said...

cha cha cha


3/8/05 09:00  
Blogger poetzie said...

I love
Zanadu, avenues,
barren crowds descending"

The way the alphabet is doubling back on itself is very provacotive, almost creepy. Very cool.

3/8/05 09:11  
Blogger Scott Glassman said...

What a terrific piece! The last line is a stunner, and so many beautiful moments. It cascades from such a mystical place, like your identity's shimmering across the entire terrain of consonants and vowels. Bravo!

3/8/05 11:55  
Anonymous Pearl said...

a beautiful challenging dilemma effortlessly flowing. Good, hell, it's just kick-ass lyricism.

3/8/05 13:47  
Blogger Lorna Dee Cervantes said...

Thanks, all. It's for the inspiration y'all give me, posting your good poetry on your blogs. Also, Mark Young & Ernesto Priego, in particular.

And, of course, Eileen. I love the form. Perfect for a Xicana like me. It's liberating as I know what to expect. You can walk in the dark, so to speak, as you know what's ahead. No more line break agony! Yea! I doubled-back because, I guess, I never wore a ducktail & couldn't figure the math. (I never *do* numbers) so was just going to go until it came out on 3, and the context & content supplied the option, besides the sound-sense. Kinda like lucid dreaming. Going to bed with a certain "intent" in one's mind. Not "thought" or will. So, poezie, my favorite, too, that part: "you,/ Zanadu, avenues,/barren crowds descending". The interruption in both music & idea, from Ah! You! "Zanadu, avenues. . .". You expect some strolling to be going on sometime soon. But it doesn't. Kind like short brute Reality.

And who says po-blog reading is a waste of time?!

6/8/05 04:17  

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