Saturday, July 30, 2005

"Hard Drive" (for T.V.)


It was a hard drive
through the New Mexican
landscape of our relation
ship out to sea: the shape up
or shit out. It sucked
like the desert sucks
sometimes—the scaggy
sagebrush fainting before
the mirror of the broadening
sun. No shade in sight.
Just you and Dougie
and a rainbow in our past;
the distant future, a mirage
of one to one. You wouldn't say it
and an absence absolved
the air of any difficulties.
Left us, a prison, the plastered
prisoners puking in their minds. I
followed the train of a shadow's
destiny. On my right,
an impenetrable sea
of mountains. I couldn't face
the range this face inspired.
You, unblessed. And me, a widow
of the heart. I realized then,
this profession of emoting
is an evening out. Your profile
never looked at me, my riven mask
all these solstices, all the unlit
.......................a Virgin

hails. The cab of desire
ticking expectation like a red
engine in the driveway. Touch me
to death.



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