Thursday, July 28, 2005

Immigrant Cats Not Wearing Sombreros. . .

. . . beat a Poetcat Swearing Sombreros


Po-Cats of the New Sincerity: Drive/ct sd.

(Not responsible for anything that makes me laugh.) All links courtesy of my astrologer, Kramer Wetzel, original astrofisherman of the stars, and beyond.

Pay (cheap!) to get the scope scoop on this Saturn thang that started full-force July 16th & how it affects you from a funny Shakespearean scholar (well, by reincarnation) who bugs fish habitually at Town Lake, which is neither. There's more to life than Mercury. I know my payday's tomorrow. . . "The check is in the mail, Kramer."


Blogger GorgeouslyGeorgina said...

i really think you got a cool posting.wanna see more of what you gotta nothin' to say anymore..weheehee..just check me out..

buzz me up!

28/7/05 22:56  

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