Friday, July 29, 2005

"A Birth Poem for Rebecca Loudon & Teresa Ballard"

There's a present
in the package.
All of it riding
a killing wind and
flare, there, a raw
verve, an ignition
of flight, a dream
of ten minutes ago
frozen into the zen
of a face, the face-
off of summer's dune.

Here's a present
for the package,
the two in a square,
the obstacle of age
dimished in the shade,
in the good book, good
look, the luck of a dog,
grazing past the paw; the
animal swallow and the way
past hissing; all the bees, all
the sheep asleep and

............... Bless this day,
.......................................... and the next,
with flowers and the wine
of a lover's tongue. Be
love's tongue, this birth,

this day
in poetry.

Lorna Dee Cervantes
Happy birthday R & T!


Blogger Radish King said...

Thank you, Lorna, this is wonderful.

29/7/05 10:49  
Blogger early hours of sky said...

I hope I get the lover's tongue and not Rebecca lmao. I could use a good french kiss at the moment. Thank you for the poem, thank you indeed.

29/7/05 16:07  
Blogger early hours of sky said...

Oh and you forgot Stanely Kunitz, it is his birthday too.

29/7/05 16:07  

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