Friday, July 29, 2005

Blogoview Question of the Week: 7/29

from Charles Jensen, A Therapist With A Dream Inside hot in AZ, who this week asks:

"When do you have time to write?"

La Duende tells the time
submitting to a higher
ripening, there above the forest,
a saving of buckets
and splash, the grace
of treasoned moments,
the despots of ticking
meters and flint, all
that carving into
the heart of things: Davids,
loins, the whole cracked
pot of seed, the flowing
of mouth gowns, far
away nursery rhymes
in another language—
What isn't a dream.

"Do you maintain a strict schedule, write when you can, or write when the mood strikes you?"

I maintain a strict mood
when the writing strikes

Time. Time is Art.
Art is Time.


Mood is for the ring
of an insolent child
to say.

Ask It.

(thanks Charles!)


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