Friday, August 05, 2005

Bird of a Feather - Good Poem by Birdie Jaworski

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    The Quantum Mother

    Sometimes I watch them hover
    over my boys' pallet treehouse
    clinging to that weak-limbed pine.
    I know they see me, dishpan hands
    scooping dog crap from holy sod,
    my face broken red from men
    who never arrive.

    They swarm my locked suburb gate,
    whisper snippets of cowboy drone
    or mimic the scratchy caress
    of a cigarette diva.

    See them follow the hung curve
    of datura I planted while summer
    slept under frozen routine.
    Just let me be. I push them
    into rust along a tilted gutter,
    think little of their gypsy way
    passing names back and forth.

    posted by Birdie at 8:35 AM  

    Lorna Dee Cervantes said...

    Great poem, Birdie!

    If I had time right now I'd go through it line by line & prove it to you. Nothing falters here, everything opens to the next, strong & confident, like a new Datura placed in the right place & given water. You have a definite talent, judging from the few pieces I've seen. I second the suggestion that you start sending things out. You can send me what you got (sorry, when talkin' po-biz in my head, I start faking a Chicago moll accent: Gimme all your dough!) and I'll take a look at it, make suggestions for where to send individual poems, suggestions for shaping a manuscript, offer critique (editing suggestions, dependent upon the text) if you're interested.

    "Why?" "Because we LIKE YOU!" (Was that from the Mousekateers Club? Something childlike & Disney involving masks and mugging, another referent gone missing in the tsunami of 40 years of television.)


    Bird to Bird

    (you know I'm only in it for the birds)

    12:15 PM  
    Subject: Re: [birdpoems] 8/05/2005 12:15:05 PM
    Date: August 5, 2005 6:29:19 PM MDT


    Thank you so kindly for such a sweet blog comment! Wow, I usually only get one comment a month, ha ha! I don't think more than one or two people check in on my poetry blog.

    I only started writing at all last April. I am 39 years old, and a mom to five (single mom, that is, sigh), and I didn't go to college. Hell, I didn't graduate from High School, I took the tests to get my GED a few years back. Last year I started a blog just for fun. I wanted to keep a diary of my adventures selling Avon, and holy cow! I discovered I just loved telling stories. I tried writing my first poem in January, and every poem I've ever written in my life (well I just started six months ago, ha ha ha ha!) is posted at Birdpoems.

    Do you think that someone so new to writing and basically uneducated can really submit things to real publications? Goddess bless Didi for publishing one of my poems in Mipo~print, but I think she was being kind.

    I don't feel like a writer, I just like telling stories. And I know NOTHING about poetry. I am doing the podcast for mipo because I figured out how to put one together and I have a bedroom voice. Snort! But then again, I have made more friends than ever by blogging, and I found that telling stories is the one thing that fills a hole in my chest I've been guarding for years and years. Who knew?

    xo to you!



    Blogger Birdie said...

    Thank you so much for posting my poem, and for such sweet words as a comment. I am grateful. I send you email, too! xo, Birdie

    5/8/05 22:01  

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