Friday, August 05, 2005

links for academic lynxes

As always, real good info here, for all poet bloggers, at Dialogic, this time for academic bloggers, of which (& whom) this is NOT.

This blog is my "home", a personal and private space broken open for y'all, much the way an artist opens her home studio to the public at the city's Open Studio event or certain families invest in the proper Bushes (oops, was that a capital slip?) for their garden party to help raise funds for the party or a good cause, although no funds actually exchange hands and no one $peak$ beyond the scheduled entertainment & the schmoozing (but, what do I know? I'm a poet. And avoid such things: INFJ.) All rights, privileges, and protections, therein, apply. Go ahead, open my fridgerator, especially if you speak the language. If not, ni modo, stay and eat, anyway. We cook for all, and then some as it's tended by poverty's hand (not a paid position) and WE SERVE ALL, even on a platter, even though, the present setting is not our best China. Soon I will be opening another blog, the *real* lornadice in which I'll answer all scholarship questions publicly & provide lots of exercises, advice y plenos poderes de chorizo: links, links, links, links. Soon as I learn how to drive a double rainbow; i.e., html my way out of muffled quietude.

But later. I'm on vacation. (Tomorrow's my birthday.) By finishing the galleys & designing of these of books. And, scribbling. Sometimes here. Sometimes not. You're all welcome. You know the cliches. I don't know how to make that mark.

Later, '06, I also will be publishing here, on a seperate (but equal) blog, site & Server, first under the divine editorship of a good friend and cohort who prefers her anonymity, a poetry publication, tentatively, entitled: Xochiteca's Floricanto, for which I am flushing the ducks and tossing the tacos, as I spend half my day reading poetry blogs—any way.

Anyway. It's all
  • a dialogic
  • . Peace, Brother. Sing it, Sisters. Keep It Real, all "Brothers", "Sisters" &/ in particular/ any & all "Queens"/ you know who you are//

    Lorna dice; i.e., caldron


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