Friday, May 27, 2005

Support Democracy June 1 - What Do We Really Think?

JUNE 1: Don't forget, gente, make your voice count this Wednesday, June 1. Join a global vote by signing your name to an email, or better, a hand-written letter to the editor (walk it in) to your local & national media. Flood the media with your mind on June 1. Join la gente para la gente por la gente. Let's all speak up and say what we want on June 1, in mass, in a way they can count, in a way we can count. For Truth and Dignity—so Beauty can prevail. Support the US Constitution & The Bill of Rights! Long live the Iroquois Confederacy! Mexica tiahui!


  • * The preceding was a free speech message from PAW (Poets for the American Way) supporting Freedom (an indigenous American concept), Truth, and Justice. Peace with Dignity.

    One body. One vote.
    "We don't need to show you no stinkin' representatives!" ~B. Traven, Democracy


  • PAW: "I Do it for the Dead."


    Anonymous Janet said...

    More information on the above topic at: (Another good website for free speech and freedom.) I signed the petition.
    Peaceful change through the internet. Right on.

    27/5/05 17:48  

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