Wednesday, April 13, 2005

On Plucking A Rose From Rose; Or, On Trying to Open a Floral Shop

I actually posted this on Formerly Rosie's site this morning:

a rose of rose — plucked from Rosie O'Donnell's blog for A Lonely Bird In the Early Hours of Sky

"barbra was right and wrong
personally she exceeded my expectations in every way
but everything did change for me
a huge shift of perspective
the illussion of celebrity –
the distorted importance i placed on talent
the seperation of me - us and them
my world order had been shaken up,
earthquakes n explosions - the lights dimmed
a vacant space lay where hollywood heaven had been

so i started rebuliding
the scaffolding is now in place
i pick my kids up from school each afternoon
pure joy - baby brain confessions from bubble gum lips

“you know mama i think i am in love with jenna”
my son said to the back of my head
how so i asked
"it’s like there is a magnet in my hand, and one in hers
they just go together - our hands – like magnets –
do you think that is love?”
yes parker, i do"

from "December 2002" posted April 10, 2005 by
Formerly Rosie
Miracle of miracle's! You've dared the demon comments. Yellow is back! And Light, which is the presence of all.

Hi Rosie (my mother's name), I'm a professional poet & former Director of Creative Writing at my university where I am an Associate Professor of English, currently on leave & sabbatical until '06. I wanted to write to you to ask permission to post this to my blog (welcome to the Blog! Now you're "Rosie From The Blog") but I already went ahead & did it. I couldn't resist it, it is so beautiful: poetry. See how you say: I do, that vow. That's how I framed the poem. "Barbra," that spelling, we know it's Babs as you are who you are, that's the connection. You have the most incredible line here: "pure joy - baby brain confessions from bubble gum lips." I tried it out on my 10 year old son & he laughed out loud with just the joy of how true and good that sounds, what I call "the unexpected inevitable" which makes for the "good" -ness in so much good poetry. I clipped & posted this in answer to another writer's blog, Teresa Ballard In the Early Hours of Sky (when else is a mother to write?) one of the first blogs I found, asking why she never reads about a writer's struggles writing (musing!) while parenting. Anyway, I'm new to this, as of early March, but early on I linked your site to my blog, so I'm sure you'll be visited by more literary (& cool) types as well. Keep blogging, Rosie. There is much poetry therein.

Should you ever allow someone to pluck a nice bouquet of "Roses of Rose" for you and some lucky publisher, let me know how to apply for the job. I wouldn't change a word, just snip here & there from what's already written, maybe prune the bush, perhaps some Japanese arrangements or rearrangements. But true to the text, the Yellow.

I am not a tv watcher, spent a couple of decades without it ("I like you best in motel rooms" ~Robert Pinsky) but they get you through your kids, doncha know? But I've seen your acting & standup early on. I started paying attention to the tabloids at the dentist when you came out, and especially after your activism. I liked what you said, I identify with your Spirit & spunk, especially when you quit the mag, and much more when you bunk the malarchy. Yeah. So when I caught your link on Blogger news, what the heck, I said, and I was hooked. I click on everyday & miss you when you're away. Thank the goddesses you ventured comments again, though I imagine they're being screened. Good for you. Turn em off, Turn em on. You're Queen of this Sheba. Love on. Green on. Peace on. Or, Quanta on, Lady.


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