Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Andrea Dworkin - Dead at 58

I just found this from
  • Arse Poetica

  • Feminist Andrea Dworkin Dead at 58

    RIP, Andrea Dworkin. I left the following message on the Memorial Message Board at Dworkin's website, and I'm placing it here because it is how I feel, and I do not have more to add. If Dworkin's work meant something to you, I hope you'll consider leaving a message.

    I read Dworkin's Pornography with great interest many years ago while researching my thesis, and I was struck by Dworkin's fierce eloquence and strength of conviction on such a polarizing subject. I believe she was, above all, one who held us to be our better selves in defense of others, and not just when we felt like it. The resistance she faced speaks volumes about how precious, how guarded, and how fraught our most private moments are.

    I am sad to hear of Andrea's passing, and I send my deepest condolences to those who loved her. I wondered many times if we would have had her voice if she had had more peace in her life. I thank her for her unwavering commitment to women's sexual safety and expression and hope that she has peace now. I will revisit some of her writings now to remember why I sought her out in the first place.

    Dworkin's partner of 30 years, John Stoltenberg, wrote a beautiful essay in 1994 about their life together. It reads now as a moving obituary of a shared life -- mindful, loving, mutually reinforcing and challenging, as all good partnerships should be. Knowing the pain Dworkin suffered, I was happy to be reminded by Stoltenberg that Andrea was able to share in the security of a rich partnership for most of her life. Upon Dworkin's death, Stoltenberg released information prepared by Dworkin, the catalogue of her life's efforts. I don't have an outside link, because it was sent to me via a listserv. I have placed her Lifetime CV, as I call it, here. Sincerest condolences to John Stoltenberg, a loyal friend, comrade, and partner.

    [P.S. So, why did I have to learn about this from Pen-Elayne? Rhetorical question. The MSM just got wind of this story a couple of hours ago. Apparently news of influential feminists' deaths travels first across the pond.]


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