Monday, April 11, 2005

a rose of rose — plucked from Rosie O'Donnell's blog for A Lonely Bird In the Early Hours of Sky

"barbra was right and wrong
personally she exceeded my expectations in every way
but everything did change for me
a huge shift of perspective
the illussion of celebrity –
the distorted importance i placed on talent
the seperation of me - us and them
my world order had been shaken up,
earthquakes n explosions - the lights dimmed
a vacant space lay where hollywood heaven had been

so i started rebuliding
the scaffolding is now in place
i pick my kids up from school each afternoon
pure joy - baby brain confessions from bubble gum lips

“you know mama i think i am in love with jenna”
my son said to the back of my head
how so i asked
"it’s like there is a magnet in my hand, and one in hers
they just go together - our hands – like magnets –
do you think that is love?”
yes parker, i do"

from "December 2002" posted April 10, 2005 by
  • Formerly Rosie

  • ALonelyBirdInTheEarlyHoursOfSky

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