Friday, April 08, 2005

On Saving the Queen...

I posted this to aol yesterday. They were asking for poems, but I missed the deadline by 17 minutes. So, I decided to post it the aol message board.

Anyone have an in with the future King of England? How does one apply for the job of Poet Laureate of England? I would save the Queen hogsheads of sherry.


Subject: Re: for real poem for them
Date: 4/8/05 12:36:11 AM EDT
Author: LornaDeeCe

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I just wanted to say that I despise them, and mourned Diana's passing and sad life. I thought it'd be a challenge to pretend I was the Poet Laureate of England with the obligation of trying to write a decent poem about something so antithetical to what one is feeling. I tried to write a real poem which meant I had to try and empathize, to put myself in their souls.

Weird task.

Rating: 50% of 4 people liked this post. Do you? Yes or No 


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