Wednesday, April 13, 2005

New Zine: Xochiteca's Floricanto

One of the things I intend to do with this site is use it to host another: Xochiteca's Floricanto. Hey, once a publisher always a publisher. Once you start folding and falling into that quartet, from 8 years old to 80, you just gotta make a book.

My best friend, Xochiteca, has agreed to risk life & limb and play fall guy, bad guy & vile villanelle villain. I'll just serve the host. One of the reasons most litmags or literary publishing houses, especially any one marked "small" or, banks forbid, "poetry", are womaned by single owners or blood & money partners is that that's just the way it is for those of us who give life, heart's blood, breath, soul, and even baby's bread, for something the majority of the few could care very little about, if at all.

But, there are those rare lonely birds who call, like H. D.'s hyla, and that's Thoreau, and who(m) should be heard whether they can spell or not—when they do—for they harken the fact that we're still here.

So for now, until X ("FlowerChild") opens a box suitable for the deluge, you can send me a few of your best marked WEBZINE in the subject line and I will pass them on for a read. For, in this business, that's half the cake. They may be in English Spanish Maya Nahuatl or dressed in your granma's lace knickers, just no pajamas please, and no need for sombreros, we want to see the "real" you, particularly the brackets (braces are fine). Do show "sew chi" your degree of Xicanisma. "We don't need to show you no stinkin' badges." And, as always, no attachments or attachment, please. This is a plain text kinda place tho' we pine for enrichment, as if you didn't know. Just paste to email or send us a link. She will also be "publishing" great poems as "reviews" from other magazines or books. I will pass on all submission and correspondences. She will be tending the fields. Y'all will be reaping the harvest.

Thusfar, she has picked the fruit of other gardens. And though she be barren herself, she always picks the best fruit of the season. What else are best friends for? I am so happy she has agreed to do this, I'm positively giggy, and that's a megabyte for ya. I can't wait to get cooking, although nothing beats stripping for Wobblies. "Those were the days, my friend."

And as one fruit to another, some trees are slow, some get hit by hail. So expect something sometime soon. After all, IT'S NATIONAL POETRY MONTH. Watcha sittin there for like a duck on a log? Git up and POEM. And, pass the pixel.

In true MANGO manner, all rights to the poems on the page or website are copyright of Xochiteca's Floricanto, with all rights reverting back to the author upon publication. (That's why I'm not rich, ese.)

WARNING: THIS SITE IS PROTECTED BY P.E.T.A. (Poets for the Ethical Treatment of Artists) and WE PURSUE. (Researchers Unite!) c/s y qué


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