Thursday, April 14, 2005

Lorna in Passing

Thanks to all who asked and consoled regarding my father. You know how much it helps. He is dying. He is much stronger today. The Chinese herbs to stop the hemorraging in his stomach seem to be helping. He is eating. My brother brought him a pot of albondigas. It is difficult for him to swallow. But he eats. He was feeling well enough to agree, again, to the radiation treatments. Then cancelled his appointment that day they were to begin, and he opped to attend the opening instead where he was presented with a proclamation from the Mayor declaring April 6th "Cervantes Family Day" and he enjoyed it all very much. He is much stronger in voice now.

On passing, he says, "Oh wow! I guess what it means is that you get to see everybody. Farout!"

I will try the chaya, but I'll have to go there to get it.


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