Thursday, December 31, 2009


... and I resolve to be a better blogger in the future with a whole new look. (Heck, I may even reclam my domain name.) Meanwhile, join me on Facebook for work and play and edumacation.

Peace on Earth. Good will to women and all the men in their lives. 2012 means: Time for change. Change for Time.

Happy New Now! Have a very Merry Ever!


Blogger Lyle Daggett said...

Happy New Year, Lorna!

I have a Facebook account, in order to be able to view the Facebook pages of friends from time to time (talking here about actual friends, as distince from Facebook "Friends"). Though haven't done anything with the Facebook page itself. I have a basic impulse to limit the amount of gadgets in my life. Plus, though I've worked for a living using computers in various ways for more than thirty years, I find Facebook too complicated to understand. So far anyway...

Things good here. Hope you too. Writing insanely much and it's been good. Got hit with the local flu bug middle of this month, which slowed me down briefly, still getting rid of the last of it, but am alive again.

Poems and joy and miracles to you, amiga.

31/12/09 18:10  
Blogger Proudlynubian said...

Nice. Really nice and encouraging.

8/1/10 03:58  
Blogger J. Crabb said...

Hi Lorna...A Happy New Year to you and yours is good to know you are is this world...helps make sense of things...Berkerly should just give you your phd and let you do what you do best...anyway have fun little bird...

9/1/10 02:00  
Anonymous Psychotic Poet said...


I've just opened a new site: where the idea is that I write a new poem everyday, for as long as possible! I was hoping to get feedback, and possibly suggestions on what I can do to improve my poetry, and would really appreciate your help!
And even if you don't want to comment, I'd love for you to read my poetry!


P.S. - facebook used to be really simple, but in the last few months its become extremley confusing, and is constantly failing :(

21/1/10 13:28  

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