Tuesday, September 29, 2009

15 Years Ago Today...

...my one and only baby was born. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May all your passages be smooth.

I'm back in Boulder, feeling odd and strange to be back for a few days after 2 years and a few months away. Looking at my office again, I'm trying not to feel overwhelmed at the task of moving. Just gathering my papers together will take a LONG LONG TIME. (hmm, my capital letters agree.) I might consider looking for a house swap or sublet or house-sitting situation here in Boulder while I pack.I was just going to sell things. But I still like them. Ha, well. Time to get steak and lobster. No internet at the old house.

Then, I'm off to Alabama, hitting UAB and 4 other local colleges before headed down to Mobile where I'll be offering a workshop on Saturday, Oct. 10 and attending the Gulf Coast Poetry Stage at the Writers Festival. Then, perhaps, extra special secret mission in Memphis.

Then, back for a reading at San Francisco City College Oct. 15, and performing at the Indigenous Peoples Night of Resistance at UC Berkeley on Oct. 16. Then, it's Compton Community College the morning of Nov. 11. Join me!



Blogger Rob Gray said...

Correction on Mobile itinerary:

Reading at All Saints Episcopal Church, Oct. 8 at 7pm

Poetry Workshop, Oct. 9 at 1pm

Gulf Coast Poetry Stage, Oct. 9 at 6pm

30/9/09 07:03  
Blogger audrey said...

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Anonymous Anna said...

Hi, this is Anna from Mobile, the girl who did an article about you in the Spring Hill College newspaper. I lost your address and was wondering if you could give it to me again. My email is plovlar@aol.com if you'd rather send it to me there. Thanks!

2/11/09 08:19  

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