Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Life According to Pablo Neruda

Thanks to Sesshu Foster for the following meme. Spread it around!

My Life According to Pablo Neruda

Using only POEM titles from ONE POET, answer these questions. Pass it on to 12 (or a million) people you like. You can't use the poet I used. Do not repeat a title. Repost as "My Life According to (POET)."

Are you a male or female?
Brown and Agile Child

Describe yourself:

How do you feel:
I'm Explaining Some Things

Describe where you currently live:
In My Sky At Twilight

If you could go anywhere, where would you go:
The Heights of Macchu Picchu

Your favorite form of transportation:

What's the weather like:
A Song of Despair

Favorite time of day:
Leaning Into The Afternoons

Your relationships:
The Light Wraps You

Your fear:
Nothing But Death

What is the best advice you have to give:

If you could change your name, you would change it to:
(or Magellanic Penguin)

My soul's present condition:
Tonight I Can Write



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