Saturday, July 04, 2009

Fourth of July In The Mission

Fourth of July In The Mission

for Alfred Arteaga

Fireworks and sirens
A little girl screams, "Daddy!"
Cries. You died last year

Everyone going
A pink velveteen jumpsuit
She's already gone

Because you loved me
All the colors remind me
Of ones you wanted

Where is hummingbird?
You loved like that: a bright
Awakening. You?

Too soon. Your laughter
On this morning an echo, a trace
Derrida's stammer

You would have hated
Dying on the 4th. How sad
You'd say, and then laugh

How lit up I was
That first foto, your return
From the dead. Again

For you I would have
Dyed my hair, magenta or
Chartreuse, would have dyed

Not so morose, your
Memory, last words to me
"I'll tell you some lies"

Why didn't I go?
"We could drive home together"
Would have been our last

Open. Manú o Maná
I'll buy one for you

Today I'll toast to
Revolution at Sunrise
Watch men with your hair

This Fourth of July
I'll think of you, relove you
Fireworks and sirens


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

so beautifully done, thank you for sharing it with us.

8/7/09 08:42  
Anonymous Ryan Anthony Gibson said...

I like the thoughts you lay out, come take a look at some of my poems. I would love to collaborate sometime... Ryan Anthony Gibson, poet

4/9/09 14:28  

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