Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Susan Cervantes, Master Muralist, Gets Her Own Day In SF. Precita Eyes Muralists Desperately Need A Van!

September 19, 2009, Susan Kelk Cervantes Day in San Francisco!

My step-mother, Susan Kelk Cervantes, was awarded a proclamation from Mayor Newson Gavin at the Precita Eyes Muralists Gala, "Community Art From the Heart" for her many contributions to the culture and quality of life in San Francisco.

You can sign up now for the rare opportunity to take a Master Class from her in mural painting, Oct. 1 - Nov. 1:

Now, Precita Eyes Muralists and SUSAN CERVANTES DEPERATELY NEEDS A VAN to replace their old one which broke down, never to run again, Saturday afternoon right before the Gala. A van is necessary to get supplies and people to mural sites. PLEASE, if anyone has or knows anyone who has a van they can donate to the Center, please pass on this information. The contribution is tax-deductible. You will be helping to help make community art from the heart possible. Contact me or Susan at the center as soon as possible at

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