Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Finish The Sentences Facebook Meme (just because)

Yes, I know I've been neglecting you. So I'll post this Facebook meme just because. Or, play with me over there, too. Can you say, "procrastination?"

Finish the sentences. Then re-post it as "Finish the sentences" when you're done!

1. I've come to realize that my last kiss... was too friggin' long ago.

2. I am listening to... the heater: rare silence in the Mission at 1am. Now a car revs by. I just finished listening to the Blues Biography Muddy Waters.

3. I talk.... when I feel like it.

4. I love.... I loved. I will love. (so what's it to ya?)

5. My best friends.... are persistent, very smart and very sensitive.

6. My first real kiss… has been on my mind since I'm writing about 14 year olds. Michael Naillon, where are you??

7. Love is.... "but a song we sing. Fear's the way we die."

8. Marriage is.... getting the State involved in your personal life.

9. Somewhere, someone is thinking.... "I have to pee."

10. I'll always remember.... so much I forget. (Ok.Ok. The day/night my son was born.)

11. The last time I really cried was because.... of love.

12. My cell phone.... is an anomaly. My friends think that pigs are going to fall out of the sky.

13. When I wake up in the morning.... I think about who I'd like to snuggle against...

14. Before I go to bed.... I brush my teeth. And then who knows, I like to be unpredictable.

15. Right now I am thinking about.... whether or not I'm revealing too much and the relationship between ekos and poesis simultaneously.

16. Babies are.... babies. Truthfully, I never paid too much attention to them until I had my own. I used to like Robin William's impression of a baby. I think of it often at odd moments and I smile.

17. I get on Myspace.... less frequently these days. I don't like the new format. It's too easy to fall into checking out all the neat bands and musicians. I get a lot of spam when I visit there. Here, too.

18. Today I.... thought about doing my taxes and went to get the forms. I wrote some notes for my never completed dissertation. I bragged about my new old bicycle. I went to hear a non-fiction talk/reading where I didn't know a soul.

19. Tomorrow I will be... procrastinating on my taxes. Probably. Maybe I'll paint my door. I will be tempted to ride my yellow bicycle if the wind stops. I might go to Berkeley. Or Santa Cruz. Whatever it is, I'll be sorry I didn't write it down, but not sorry I did whatever I did.

20. I really want to be.... a brain surgeon. (Not really. I really want to be the poster child for predilective labor.)

21. I am allergic to.... my poor sweet kitty back in Colorado, but I know I should eat better and stay away from wheat.

22. I am annoyed by.... people who step on me because they pretend I'm not there. Hey, it happens. Don't ask unless you want to talk suppositions of race, class and gender.

23. One food I refuse to eat is... fried liver and onions. (I've got a entire menu of 1984 style torture foods.)

24. The most recent thing I've learned is.... (hmm, hard one: what don't I already know? Lots. Problem is, what did I learn today as my grandma always told me I do? That I should have written it down. It had to do with the number of jobs lost since the end of 2001. Oh yes, I learned that hundreds of dolphins surrounded a Chinese ship in Somalia and kept them from pirates by leaping out of the water at once. The pirates went away. I learned that dolphins have learned the art of civil disobedience and are saying, "Basta ya!"

25. The number one thing on my bucket list is.... who knows? since I didn't see the movie. I don't really think of such things. I'm too much of an existentialist. Oh yes! Since a child: 1.) watch a condor in the wild in my native land; 2.) watch big-horned sheep in the wild (done); 3.) own a black (blue?) racer (snake) (hey, I was 8 years old with an ambition to become a herpetologist); 4.) Go to Ireland; 5.) ascend the heights of Macchu Picchu; 6.) become a man-of-letters (I'd say, done); 7.) Own my own land and let all the plants and animals do what they want on it (done, but not in the way I expected); 8.) write a novel (so close I don't want to jinx it); 9.) live the "good life" a la Aristotle; 10.) (ready for it? drum roll...) find true love. As I've aged, my list has reversed in order of importance.

26. Something I've always wanted to learn to do is.... Navaho weaving/speak my native language/play the banjo

27. I have a high tolerance for.... eccentric people.

28. I have a low tolerance for.... fascists/fascism

29. My wish... is none of your business.

30. One person I would happily make a fool out of myself if I ever saw in person.... Okay. This is supposed to be fast first answer. First thing that crossed my mind is "Michael Moore."

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Blogger Lyle Daggett said...

I started trying to do this list here, but too late at night and I'm fading too fast. Maybe I'll come back and try it again.

However, word verification is (I kid you not) "comic," so couldn't resist posting something.

15/4/09 22:07  
Blogger Lyle Daggett said...


1. last kiss... was worth the wait.

2. listening to... some cop show on T.V. (Not paying very close attention.)

3. I talk... too rarely these days.

4. I love... in spite of everything.

5. My best friends... are candles of brightness in a gray world.

6. first real kiss... was rare and full of wonder.

7. Love is... the epic poem I haven't written yet.

8. Marriage is... something mainly useful for tax purposes, except when it isn't.

9. someone is thinking... I need to update my Facebook status.

10. I'll always remember... the night with four other people pushing a VW van out of the busy intersection on a Friday night on Lakeshore Drive in Chicago.

11. last time I really cried... sometime this past winter (around the time my mom died).

12. My cell phone... is turned off most of the time.

13. wake up in the morning... I try to remember if it's a day that I have to get up and go to work.

14. before I go to bed... I'm figuring out how to make trouble.

15. right now thinking about... what I'll do tomorrow, most like where to go to sit and write, where would be a good place.

16. Babies ... I'm good with kids, though I've never wanted kids of my own.

17. MySpace... only now and then to see what a couple of friends are up to on their MySpace pages. (Talking here about actual friends, not MySpace "friends.") I've never cared for MySpace, the pages always look to busy to me, remind me of an intersection crowded with billboards.

18. Today I... had trouble staying awake all day at work. Fridays at work are like that.

19. tomorrow... I will not go to work. (viz. Hurray!)

20. really want to be... independently wealthy enough so I don't have to work. Though I have questions about the morality of this.

21. allergic to... shrimp and other shellfish. Not fatally dangerously allergic, but not a good idea for me to eat them. (And seriously -- who wants to eat big bugs from the ocean anyway?)

22. really annoyed by... people who say "going forward" when the mean "from now on." People who talk corporate talk in general.

23. one food I refuse to eat... cream cheese. Also pretty much anything with a squishy consistency. (Ice cream's fine, though.)

24. most recent thing I've learned... settling the estate of someone who has died takes a ridiculously long time and is a ridiculous amount of work.

(That's an amazing story about dolphins. Where did you find out about it?)

25. bucket list... haven't heard the expression "bucket list" before, but guessing at it from context -- hmmm. A few of mine would be: go to Paris; read the Tale of Genji (I've had Waley's translation on my shelf for years); beach house in Tahiti (or, failing Tahiti, maybe the coast of Oregon -- and yeah, I do know the weather there can turn horrific in November, who cares?); and yeah, find true love. (I found true love, but it didn't find me... good beginning for a country western song maybe.)

I've never seen a condor in the wild, though when I was briefly in Ojai, California, one evening years ago, I kept looking toward the Topa Topa mountains in case I happened to have the luck of spotting one. But no luck. (In Minneapolis along the Mississippi River you can occasionally see turkey vultures, which might be distant relatives of condors -- not as big, but there's a resemblance when they're floating high in the sky over the river.)

26. always wanted to do... learn to draw, learn to read Chinese, be a folksinger.

27. high tolerance for... strange states of mind.

28. low tolerance for... TV network news idiots.

29. my wish... (ha -- I like your answer)

30. make a fool out of myself... off the top of my head, Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, or Grace Slick -- any of the above.

17/4/09 19:44  

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