Friday, January 02, 2009

Lorna Dee Cervantes On Cover to Cover, KPFA, 3 pm today

Tune in to KPFA (94.1) today, friday, Jan. 2 at 3 pm for "Cover to Cover." I'll be interviewed by Nina Serrano for the first "Open Book" "Poet to Poet" broadcast of the year. You can stream it here or go to I'll be reading a couple of brand new poems and being interviewed. It will probably be archived for a while, too, if you miss it.

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Blogger Oscar Bermeo said...

Just heard the show. Great stuff, especially the back story on taking classes with Robert Haas.

All the best to you in the Año Nuevo!

4/1/09 20:21  
Blogger Motto said...

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5/1/09 19:15  
Blogger Devon G. Peña said...

Estimada Lorna,

I am trying to contact you.

Please, if you can, email ot call:

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7/1/09 17:01  

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