Monday, December 08, 2008

Morning Mission Haiku

24th & Harrison

The man pushing cans
Order a single taco;
Gets half pound of meat.


Grandma is sweeping
Front of Discolandia.
She does a good job.


Bombed truck sprouts its paint
Everyone wants to get moved
By portable art.


More Morning Mission Haiku

Old hippie, balding,
Redoes ponytail string in
Record store window.


Viejitos staring
At Homes For Homies wonder:
"Los de abajo!"


Fluevog boots click past
Alcoholic Indian: high heels
Unheard since a boy.


Evening Mission Haiku

Mission palms inscribed,
The withered more than the rest:
Names of the dead.


Christmas tree on roof,
A car loses gas, baby
Crying in the back.


Blonde boy in a dress
Swings a tasteful handbag hard.
No money for poor.


Drivers inch into
spots, legal or not. White car
in back, bumper stained.


Old man wears old
Miners hat. Was that my ex
Driving down the street?!

More Mission Haiku

Lone quadriplegic
Man in a motorized chair
Wears his Santa hat.


Double-parked for half
An hour, the man who lives there
Gets his spot at last.


Late for work again
The pretty girl running past
Stops to brush her hair.


Caged parakeets in
The Mission learn teknopop.
Moroccan men rock.


December snowstorm
Strands tourists. Sunny all day
On 24th Street.


Copal smoke weaves dead
Ancestors, sends messages
Across the faultlines.


Danzantes dance on,
Keeping the calendar days
Sacred. People pass.


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Blogger Abigail Weatherspoon said...

Poems worth thousand of words. Snapshots that in the memory stay like the couple kissing who celebrated World War II. Thanks.

Visit my miniature verse. Tell me what you think at

21/12/08 05:17  
Blogger Lyrically speaking said...

wow, very nice, glad to be visiting your blog, so inspiring

7/1/09 08:05  
Blogger Abigail Weatherspoon said...

Such an eye and such a pen
Lorna Dee Cervantes
into each the other bends.
Thank you for living.

7/1/09 12:53  
Blogger holly said...

...nothing like people watching for good poetry!

Hope you are well Lorna Dee!

14/1/09 15:00  

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