Saturday, June 16, 2007

Help$$ Ayuda Radio Gratis en Chiapas! Project TUPA: Transmitters Uniting the Peoples of the Americas Needs Help Helping to Give Voice to the Voiceless

[UPDATE: Correction: The people needing help getting to the workshop are from Chiapas where last year transmitters were built under the guidance of Project TUPA]

Project TUPA: Transmitters Uniting the People's of the Americas desperately needs to raise a minimum of $250-300 to help bring impoverished budding radio technicians in rural indigenous Oaxaca (and maybe Chiapas and elsewhere) to Mexico City for advanced training in maintaining 25 new radio stations and transmitters built there last spring. Their funding for the project in Mexico fell through and these people attending free workshops at the new Center for Free Radio in Mexico City on July 9th have no way to get there. Help fight poverty by helping to fight exploitation in Mexico. Give whatever you've got, and help give voice to the voiceless. Any amount will help. Tax deduction available by signing checks to Project Tupa/Global Exchange. Otherwise, just make it out to "Project TUPA"

Send $$ to:

Free Radio Berkeley
Project TUPA
1442A Walnut St.
Berkeley, CA 94709

You can help free the airwaves. And help feed the Truth.

Go to for more information. And go to for information. And, you, too, can build your own dang radio station. Attend their Radio Camp end of June in Oakland. Go from 0 to 40 watts in four days. Be your own voice and help free the airwaves. They're the pirates! Radio belongs to all, not just to those who are rich enough to afford one. No technical skills needed. Don't want to build your own radio transmitter and antenna? Learn to build one (FUN!) and donate it to an impoverished indigenous community.

Free Radio Berkeley, headed by radio wizard, Stephen Dunifer, which helps fund the nonprofit Project TUPA "on a half a shoestring budget" recently suffered a loss in the theft of a 40 watt transmitter destined to be shipped to Oaxaca yesterday. Help build 25 more!

Join me this summer in Oakland - Let's build an alternative to lies posing as news.

Gracias! Let me know if you do, and I'll send you my award winning book, DRIVE: The First Quartet and a valuable 220 page, soon to be published, manuscript of love poems.

Love the world. Turn it on. Build your own dang transmitter!

Lorna Dee Cervantes

"Oh honey, you turn me on, I'm a radio" - Joni Mitchell

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