Friday, May 18, 2007

Lorna Dee Cervantes In Bay Area This Weekend - Maker Faire

If you're a lucky bird by the Bay, come visit me at the Maker's Faire in San Mateo County Fairgrounds. I'll be there with my son and volunteering for the Free Radio Berkeley booth. They have neat 4-day radio camps this summer in Oakland. You can learn to build your own 40 watt radio transmitter. Yea, more poets on the airwaves! More free radio for all! Can you say, "Democracy NOW!"


Blogger a.k.a. sunlit doorway said...

I did radio back in the day,
the 1990s day, to be exact.

Loved it, loved it, so much.
I co-founded the Women's Collective
for KO.OP Radio, and we made
sure women's voices were not
marginalized on that 91.7 frequency
i frequented.

14/6/07 22:50  

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