Tuesday, May 15, 2007

New Cal Fotos-SJSU Poets & Where In the World Is Lorna?

YEA! Grades in! All done. Time to greeze! Congratulations to all graduates. Me, I'm working on my new book of love poems, Una Poca de Gracia/ Bit of Grace. Just got new toys in the form of new protectors for the pages so I can form the pages back to back without printing them that way -- another BIG book! 250+ pages. At least this one is one and not five separate books. This one is much changed from the first version I was selling to benefit Alfred Arteaga's heart treatment fund and Project TUPA. Scroll down and check out the new, uh, back foto for the book.

Here's a slideshow from my MySpace site with some new pics from my last trip to Califas. I'll be back again at the end of this week for the Maker Faire in San Mateo. I'll be volunteering for the Free Radio & Project TUPA booth. Come on by if you're by the Bay this weekend. I'll be there with my son who'll probably be by the robots and racing cars, or anything having to do with making movies. And, if any one would like me to do any last minute gigs in SF, Berkeley, Santa Cruz or thereabouts, I'll be back again over Memorial weekend and afterwards. Just let me know, especially any readings or performances you're doing. Have (award-winning) books. Will travel! And, join me for NaScriWriMo. Yes, National Script Writing Month in June. It's finished version of the screenplay or bust. PAH-TEE! says Dee.

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