Sunday, May 27, 2007

Free Radio Lorna Dee - Radio Camp!

Hey there,

I'm here in the Bay Area, Oakland, to be exact, at "Radio Camp" learning how to build a radio transmitter - then, on to the antenna. I'm also remembering how to solder. Some of you may remember I used to work at a CB radio factory. (See: "What Was I Doing 30 Years Ago?" a couple of blog years ago.) It's kind of fun. O to 40 watts in four days. You, too, can come be a broadcast camper. Next workshop is end of June until the beginning of Fourth of July. Go to for more information.

I'm here until June 4th, then, I'LL BE BACK....


Blogger KATE EVANS said...

Building your own radio--that combined with the Internet, what empowerment!

Lorna Dee: I'd like to feature you as a Monday Poet on my blog in June (today I featured C. Dale Young; go to to see). Would you please email me if you're interested? kattacruz AT sbcglobal DOT net.

Kate Evans

28/5/07 18:44  
Blogger a.k.a. sunlit doorway said...

You go, grrrl!

Have you met Stephen Dunifer (sp?)--he's one of my micro-powered radio heroes. I love imagining him walking on Mount Tam, with a transmitter in his backpack, broadcasting at a low-frequency to lucky listeners in the Bay.

Oh--one of my best live radio moments was being in the studio while ULALI was was phenom. beautiful!!

Someday let's start our own radio station!
: )

14/6/07 23:25  

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