Saturday, April 07, 2007

NACCS Roundup

Hey all, I'm lagging behind here. Hard staying in Oakland and getting to San Jose without a car. The Bart took 2 and half hours the first day. But I did hear some great panels yesterday at the NACCS conference. In particular the one on indigeneity with my old friend and inspiration, Inez Hernandez, and also I caught a talk by Devon Peña. I'm sorry I missed his keynote. He thinks just as well as he plays conjunto. Híjole, what a genius that guy is! I learned something in just 10 minutes - and my head's still gonging. I'm glad I made it to the luncheon honoring a major inspiration to me from when I was just in junior high school and the first anthology came out - Antonia Casteneda was a short story writer then, and had passed through San Jose. The thought that a writer and scholar - a Chicana - could excel and exceed was all the open gate I needed to dream on. And Bettita Martinez is here - another presentation I missed hearing her not getting there early enough. Talk about inspirational figures. Today, lots of great panels and readings that are sure to be outstanding. If you're around, come on out to the Fairmont Hotel and say hello. You can register for just the day - help raise money for scholarships and for the next NACCS in Austin 2008. Tonight there's a dance with the Niteliters from 9 - 2 am. It's free for conference registrants and $15 for anyone else. I probably won't be able to stay, going back to Oakland that late on public transportation is not appealing - nor is springing for a room in the Fairmont. So, if I miss seeing and saludando all my friends and friends I haven't met yet, I'm sorry.

And the performance with my brother was really special. Luckily, it was recorded. I read three new poems from my poem-a-day venture for National Poetry Writing Month. You can read 'em here - just click on the blog. I read the new poem for Gloria Anzaldua and dedicated the reading to her, my father (yesterday was Luis and Susan Cervantes Day in San Francisco) and the dead in general "for whom I always write my poems."

Anyway, I better go! Hope to see you there.


Blogger Emmy said...

Thanks for the links... beautiful poem for Anzaldúa!

8/4/07 12:02  

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