Thursday, March 29, 2007

Good Poem From Rob at MySpace - "Orange Swears Its Love"

Orange Swears Its Love

...and so daydreams a walk along the opaque.

defintely a blue tarot
blasting away at the awry of everything.

cell mania stampedes network onyx
swirls of an arm riding
how widespread syntax is.

a movie about dark soil's dalliance with
outlawed memories of opera, shoes, and
all of our secrets in flame.

expanding orange swears its love, though.

electrons like art's solid grasp of
old forms swept into a desolate palm
to conceal gems frothing with
fluid trajectories on the phone

all day


because the aquatic
has failed your body again
like iron
vaguely Marxist
and radiant with
its own law.



Anonymous Emmie said...

This is just brilliant!!!Emmie

29/3/07 03:02  

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