Friday, December 22, 2006


I can't help it, I like this stuff. I like living with a postcard out my window. I don't go out in it, although when I do, I still find it exciting. Before the time I spent in Provincetown (the Work Center) and before moving to Boulder 18 years ago my conception of snow was what came out of the freezer while defrosting. What did I know from snow? This California Girl had a way to go far away before she'd know. And now -- (s)now.


I wrote that the other day, in my snow musings post. I really like it. A one-word poem for sure. It really says it, to me, to right now. I love how El Mundo calls a moratorium on us and our vampiric consuming and consumption upon the planet. El Mundo, yes, that's my God. I'm sorry, but it is. Y La Tierra la Diosa, La Virgin. And Gaia, the gateway to the geysers of consciousness and Light that we are in all our colored splendor. Let's keep it up. Call a moratorium on it all but the now. And, real goods and services, not bow down to the symbol of what is sold and how to buy it. No need for gold anymore, not in this age of digital and telecommunications. Spirit moves within and among creation. I love the silence of the world stopped. The real. The now.


a poem of planetmind

peace & love to you and yours -- towards growth and those bridges across the great divides

today I'm fasting: for indigenous peoples everywhere with little to eat, for Mexico, for peace and justice with dignity and journalists to tell it, for an end to unjust laws, an end to unfair immigration policies, for union, for solidarity

picket your Mexican Consulate today

say something

today on this slate the world says



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