Friday, September 22, 2006

"Shelling the Pecans" Read by Lorna Dee Cervantes Over Mana - "Bendita Tu Luz"

Excuse the pop on this - uh, I mean that popping breathy sound. I'll learn. This is my first attempt at a podcast. You can also get the site and subscribe by clicking on the button: My Odeo Podcast

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lorna Dee, I loved this poem when you first posted it. It is amazing. Truly. First thing in the morning, reading it again, it's like swimming in a river and my entire self comes to life, to light. It's emotional, sensual, in the gut.

I was afraid to listen to the podcast. It would either terribly blow my mind, too much, too emotional (because the silently read poem inside myself is so moving as it is), or it would let me down...because each thing you add to the bare poem as I took it in has the chance of contradicting my experience of it. And how could it get better? :)

I'm sad to say the latter was the case. I find the written poem presentation far more effective and moving. And I offer this with all respect! Because I admire your work very much. And of course, I humbly admit this is but one person's reception.

I have a little experience with audio. I have been recording myself for 19 years. The "pop" part is not so tough. You can buy a mic windscreen. Or if you are handy, you can stretch a stocking/pantyhose over a bent into a loop wireframe clotheshanger. And then attach that to something so it is b'tween ya mouth and the mic.

For me, the issue was the bed of music mostly. This poem is SO aural, so visceral in just its language, that to have to compete with a whole other creation and lyrics, too, is overwhelming. I would suggest either no sound at all, or an ambient track, or very not-intrusive instrumental. Your poetry should not have to compete with something else. Especially "compete," because it fights with it. And to me, your voice's tonality was being hurt by having to engage the energy of overcoming volume, rather than being shaped solely by the impetus of the poem, the shape of the words, and the energy of each moment.

Forgive me if you find the comment distracting or false. I offer it from a sincere place.

22/9/06 09:04  
Anonymous joaquín said...

that long comment above was not supposed to be anonymous. i had my name in the field the first time i previewed it, but the second time the internix xpiders scrubbed it out!!!

22/9/06 09:06  

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