Friday, June 09, 2006

Sad News Yesterday - Danan

[UPDATE: Read Danan Schufman's poems here in the latest post.]

I just found out yesterday morning -- "readin' the news/ and it sure looks bad/ they won't give peace a chance/ that was just a dream some of us had...." -- that one of my former students, an undergrad poet, Danan Schufman, died last weekend early saturday morning in a tragic car accident. It's possible it's not the same person -- but not very likely with a name like Danan Schufman, "a 27 year old Boulder man."

I wish my files were organized by now and I could just check the crosslists, see if I still have a copy of one of his poems. I might even still have his manuscript he never picked up -- as I never throw any of my former students' work away. Maybe this is the reason why not. Maybe this is the reason I have yet to create the files. I've only had one other student die, that I know of, Rex Webster, an exceptionally gifted Amer-Asian poet (his mother was Vietnamese and may have died when he was young) -- tragically, a suicide. One small grace was that it was a decade after that I learned of it. I would have been crushed had it happened while he was in my workshops. I know I have saved copies of his poems, as he was so promising. It's one of my greatest fears. It seems so important just to talk to people, que no?

Maybe that's why I blog: to keep the memory of the dead, to make memory with the living.

Today's observation: The first and last memory to remain of the dead is their smile.


Blogger 666poetry-finchnot said...

a smile can take you a million miles

ah / death / last smile of all

the last thing the dying teach us
is how to die

take care lorna dee / think of you
often / i've got the pic you sent me next to my comp :) /

just wondering / did you ever get the package i sent you?


9/6/06 11:58  
Blogger Lance Hardpack said...

I prefer to believe the last thing the dying teach us is how to live... in that context, Danan is supernatural. He is the closest thing to a brother this only child has ever known, and I miss him immensely, immeasurably, intensely. He challenged me to enjoy life to the fullest, to love without prejudice and to take pride in everything I do. Danan never did anything half-way, a firm believer in "if it's worth doing at all... it's only worth doing exceptionally well." He had a fantastic habit of making people smile and feel loved. If love could bring a soul back to it's earthly form, Danan would be back 500 fold. A master of charm. A library of information. A poet. His culinary genious was as inspiring as it was delicious. A simple kitchen philosophy, butter and bacon can make any dish better. He had this amazing ability to leave his fingerprint on every soul he touched. Whether it be his gentle smile, his unjudging countenance, his lightning quick wit or his unparalleled ability to share his genuine love through his passions for friends, family, food and wine. The worst part, Danan's passing has left me with an ocean of pain, yet that ocean is shallow in comparison to that of his mother and father. A memorial is being held tomorrow, Sunday June 18 at 3 pm at Unity Church on the SW corner of Fulsom and Valmont. This will be a celebration of his life of the beauty and light that he brought to so many people.

-Chris Scanlan

17/6/06 15:51  

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