Monday, June 05, 2006

'It's Brotherhood, Not Competition" - Luis Urrea Back in January

from Luis's' Blog

My Life in Words, January 3, 2006

"Last night, the Giorgini brothers, Mass and Flav, drove up here from Indiana. Those punk rockers among you might recognize them as the core of the famous band, Squirtgun. They brought their guitars and went into the basement with Eric. It was one of the most gracious things I ever saw--these grizzled rock and roll vets jamming with our boy and teaching him, on the spot, how to write and arrange a pop-rock song. They extended their gentlemanly gesture by taking the basic track home to their recording studio so they can send Eric a cd with the music. This, to me, is what art is all about. It's brotherhood, not competition." . . . more


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