Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Flarfin' the Friggin' Word: Lorna Dee On Intent, Voice and Who's On First?

Thank you, Lorna. Beautiful work! It's in the Anthology now.


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Subject: "Arise Nigger Savage Wench: A Census"

Just wanted to share this with you -- my answer to the controversy over
Flarf and certain language.

"Arise Nigger Savage Wench: A Census"

I. The Spencerian in English

He has given me a great deal,
"An under," and his superior,
A fine of thirty dollars for the refusal
- - Formerly a poet, singer or

A hag -- that Formerly a Poet, singer or
Ariel aright arise arisen arises arising
On TV. 1415. A Field of Honor
Niggard niggardly nigger niggle niggling

Aridity aright arise arisen, arises arising.
It was important, therefore, that the true
Ariosos arise arisen, arises arising:

S., "An under," and his superior
- - Formerly a poet, singer or...

II. Arise: An Italian Sonnet
(in English Only)

Welsh welts wench, wends wetly, whack nicety.
Obliged to arise and attend to it upon one,
The census act imposes a fine:
Aristocracy's aristocrat niff nifty,

A piece of arid arider aridest aridity.
"Savage conducted experiments with mescaline...".
Census-register and the professione
Niggle/DGRS -- arid aridity

Dies -- they sacrifice a horse. To bear
Nickel knicker nieces nigger niggle
To arise and attend to it upon one;

Wenches wend. He could hear
Niente, niggard niggardly nigger niggle.
"Joyrode" -- the census act imposes a fine.

III. Arise! Nigger Savage Wench: A Just Census
(a sonnet in all languages)

Come from my plantation on Pearl river, where
Nieces nigger niggle nights nimble. One
Weekend (1979) (14,362), the Bare
Nigger with... Just how a Puddinstone

Niggled niggler: "... even thie hovels. One
Wench wends wetly whack nicety niches...

-- Census-register and the professione.
Aril arils arise arisen, arises

Arisen, arises arising aristocracies
Of full-length films: Did not arise
Lend the star wars real tones?
Arider ariel aright aril, arils arise,

The census enumerator a-singing all
Night night's Things You Can Tell.

Last one compiled 5/30/2006 9:24:21 AM MST
by Lorna Dee Cervantes
punctuation & syntax edited minimally

More poetry in English/Finnish:


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