Saturday, May 27, 2006

"Unconscious Mutterings #172 On 5/27/06"

  1. Yours :: in faith that this bit of wan

  2. Charcoal :: will draw your face, the sly

  3. Platitude :: of your escape, the dream in your head:

  4. Graduation :: from the wit to love.

  5. Hungry :: ? Give it a chance. Take it

  6. Somewhere :: where the road doesn't flatten out, where your

  7. Nurse :: speaks first, a natal

  8. Freak :: in the making -- healing.

  9. Unbelievable :: ? You ask. You ask the impossible.

  10. Walk :: with me, will you? Do it. Just walk-out.

Write your own rules and cross them out yourself at La Luna Niña's subliminal lair.


*What is this, you ask? Every sunday morning a new list appears at this website of ten words you respond to quickly, without editing. You can copy the text and paste it which gives you the list of words with the strange [::] symbol and numbered lines. I used to play with the final [/ ol] code, trying to make a word or words out of it, but then that got boring: ole', ole, and several postmodern twists in the word martinis (stirred, not shaken). Early on I started responding in lines rather than single words, shaping each one into a ten-line poem weekly. There's several dozen of these now. I think I'm going to take out the numbers and symbols (T can't read them in this form, too distracting) and print them up. Maybe pair some with my "30 Pieces of the Cruelest" manuscript of 7-minute poems from April. I'd like to see them together in the order they were written. I think that only reveals too much of my psychology. But there's some kind of progression.

Won't you play along? Why not? You have nothing to lose but a new poem -- trash it or keep it, I say.

If you want to read 'em just search this blog for ("Un) and it will pull them all up. Want to read more poems? Just search the blog for (") in the titles followed by a letter in caps. All poetry posts have the titles in quotation marks so I can search and pull them up fast. Have fun.

Play. Why is this always so serious? Even when we're bent on saving the world. ;-) y c/s


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