Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Good Poem by Rebecca Loudon & My Comment Today On the Radish King

No Tell Books from poet, Reb Livingston is launching with a solicited manuscript from poet # 2 on my list of Excellent Po' Bloggers I've discovered this last year, Rebecca Loudon. Stop by The Radish King and congratulate her on her new chapbook. Here's a comment I left on her blog today, followed by a really good poem of hers.
Hey! That's great! And confirms what I always say: The best poets make the best publishers & editors -- just another example for that essay.

Keep me in mind for a blurb. You know I LOVE your work. I know ranking's rank, but tell me, all, don't ya think she's at least the second of 30 Best Po' Bloggers on my list? You're just good.

I still don't know what I think about all that. Teaching, it must be like music -- some people just don't have the ear or a sense of rhythm no matter what you do or try. Like they know all about how to build a radio, but as soon as they turn it on nothing plays. But, more than that. Some people just don't *see* much less appear below the surface of things. With you, it's a scuba dive every read.

All the colorful flying fish in the air!

btw, Ernesto Priego plucked a comment I made off his blog for a blurb, with my permission. Seems, too, the less I think about it the more lucid I am, like in a dashed off comment. So, case there's anything you like that I've written in the past, consider it. Ask Reb & company if they'd like a blurb and to send the manuscript. And, tell her: Good way to start a reputable press.

And send me whatever. Thanks for your comment the other day. I am so behind on commenting on comments that I don't know where to start. I didn't realize until recently that that was part of the etiquette. DUH. I usually respond to and on other people's blogs. And usually late at that.

I have no social skills. At least not common ones. In another life and age I'd be a certified hermit, the wild woman living in the woods with the birds.

You can write to me at MYNAME at MYNAME dot com, that is, my full name with the Dee in it. That should get to me. Blog email is PoetDee AT mac DOT com, but I've been bombarded by spam. Poetic spam, the worst. The one's with trippy words in the subject line and a post-modern bot-poem in the contents. I click on that and it's all over. Stock tips from there on out.

Send me your snail mail addy. You might get goodies in the mail.

Cheers to the Radish King. We love you (and we think you're funnier than hell -- sometimes.) Be well: Give 'em hell.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

the body's steam rolling out

Oops, forgot I didn't know how to preserve the spacing, so you'll just have to visit her blog and scroll down to May 14 or scroll back up and click the link to her really good poem. It's worth a read. A good example of Olson's "energy" that a good poem contains.


Blogger Reb said...

I'm soooo excited about publishing Rebecca's chapbook -- it's awesome.

This fall I'll also be publishing full length collections from Bruce Covey and PF Potvin, and hopefully a collaborative chapbook between Ravi Shankar and me (if we get it finished).

Next year another Bedside Guide, a collection by Shafer Hall -- and I have several manuscripts I'm considering for the 2007 list -- I've been slow reading them.

Thanks for the shout-out!

23/5/06 08:52  
Blogger Lorna Dee Cervantes said...

Wow, Bruce Covey! That's one I would have solicited. Touche'. And Ravi Shankar's a really good poet I've just recently discovered, thanks to y'all.

Good work.

Reminds me, I've missed two deadlines already for my review of No Tell Motel. August, for sure.

23/5/06 09:09  
Blogger Radish King said...

Lornad, you make me feel like a movie star.

23/5/06 15:14  
Blogger Ernesto said...

Thank you, Lorna, for allowing me to use your comment as a blurb. It meant a lot for me.

Your blog is a site or constant inspiration. Whenever my poetic stamina is low I know I can come here, read a couple of posts and renew my faith in the universe.


29/5/06 03:50  

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