Sunday, March 19, 2006

Lorna Dee's List of Top 30 Excellent Po' Bloggers Discovered This Year

The following is a ranked list of excellent poet-bloggers whose work I discovered in the past year reading po'blogs. This list doesn't include old po' pals:
  • Reyes Cardenas

  • Ana Castillo

  • Joy Harjo

  • Luís Rodríguez

  • nor former blogger, fellow P-Town Fellow, Cynthia Huntington;

  • Nor does it include poets whose work I was already well familiar with:
  • Ron Silliman

  • E. Ethelbert Miller;

  • Nor former students:
  • Luís Urrea

  • Mackenzie Carignan;

  • Nor former Taller Ixchel "scholarship gal":
  • Diana Marie Delgado;

  • all of whom would be ranked high on this list of the best of the best poet-bloggers. This list is based soley upon the quality of the poetry posted on their blogs and is in order of the very best.

    Now, here's Lorna Dee wearing her critical high hat in the privacy of her own home:

  • Alison Stine

  • Rebecca Loudon

  • Ernesto Priego

  • Lee Herrick

  • Barbara Jane Reyes

  • Jean Vengua

  • Kristy Bowen

  • Birdie Jaworski

  • C. Dale Young

  • Eduardo Corral

  • William Allegrezza

  • Charles Jenson

  • Mark Young

  • Sheryl Luna

  • Ruth Ellen Kocher

  • Blas Manuel de Luna

  • Gina Franco

  • Suzanne Frischkorn

  • Mark Lamoureux

  • Peter Pereira

  • Anthony Robinson

  • Rebecca Livingston

  • Teresa Ballard

  • Anne Haines

  • Paul Guest

  • A. D. Thomas

  • Stuart Greenhouse

  • Lyle Dagget

  • Seth Abramson

  • Jennifer Bredl

    Blogger Suzanne said...

    I'm honored! Thank you, Lorna.

    19/3/06 12:05  
    Blogger Diana Marie Delgado said...


    19/3/06 14:25  
    Blogger gina said...

    Thank you, Lorna. I appreciate your critical hat!

    19/3/06 14:33  
    Blogger A. D. said...


    19/3/06 14:46  
    Blogger Sheryl said...

    Thanks Lorna!

    19/3/06 16:11  
    Blogger Anne said...

    What a great list to be a part of -- thanks for the compliment!

    19/3/06 16:20  
    Blogger bill said...

    thanks lorna. honored as well.

    19/3/06 18:42  
    Blogger barbara jane said...

    nifty. thanks ms. lorna.

    19/3/06 18:51  
    Blogger Charles said...

    Thank you, gorgeous.

    19/3/06 19:37  
    Blogger Ernesto said...

    Thanks, I'm honored as well. And seeing/hearing you read in D.C. was one of my top poetic experiences last year.


    19/3/06 23:53  
    Blogger Mark said...

    Thanks Lorna. At this point I am just happy when someone acknowledges I exist, critical acclaim notwithstanding...

    20/3/06 08:54  
    Blogger David said...

    I'm already shooting for next year's list.

    20/3/06 14:33  
    Blogger Okir said...

    Yay! Thanks, Lorna!

    20/3/06 21:32  
    Blogger 666poetry-finchnot said...

    yes / thank you
    so much lorna dee !

    a real honour
    to be sure


    21/3/06 10:35  
    Blogger Zulma Aguiar said...

    que onda? you gotta be a poeta? j/k... Hugs,

    27/3/06 05:16  
    Blogger Lee Herrick said...

    sweet, this nice honor. thank you, lorna!

    28/3/06 20:16  
    Blogger Ali Davis said...

    Wow, thank you for the mention, and I'm so sorry we didn't get to meet at AWP! I'm sorry you were sick! I was stressed and drowning my sorrows in a piano (which is the best place to drown). But, next year. Thanks again.

    28/3/06 23:04  
    Anonymous SB said...

    There are folks on this list I haven't seen before -- thanks!

    30/3/06 13:13  
    Blogger C. Dale said...

    Thank you. I am deeply flattered.

    1/4/06 16:24  
    Blogger wickedpen said...

    wow..thank you, to even be in proximity to some of those other poets made my day...

    5/4/06 16:56  
    Blogger Pris said...

    A great list. I'm familiar with a good number of these bloggers and they're indeed tops!

    9/4/06 06:13  

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